I am very excited about plans for the farm this year. I have been at this location for a little over a year and am getting the soils, pastures, fences and livestock headed in the direction that I want. Winter used to mean downtime, but with so much going on, it has become more of a time to regroup, fix things, fence, read and build.

Organic Heirloom CSA- Life is too short to eat bad food! That is going to be our mantra this year and the food coming off the farm in 2012 is going to be amazing. We will be growing nearly all heirloom vegetables this year-not just heirloom tomatoes-but squash, beans, melons, eggplant and more. Why? Two reasons-flavor and diversity.

Heirlooms have been selected for many years for their flavor when picked at the peak of ripeness and eaten soon after. They have not been selected for their ability to be shipped long distances or to sit on a grocery store shelf. There are hundreds of thousands of heirloom vegetables from all over the world. We will be growing melons from Uzbekistan, squash, brocolli and beets from Italy, eggplants and greens from Thailand and much more. We want our CSA members to experience flavors from all over the globe AND we'll be saving these wonderful varieties from extiction.

We'll save seed from these crops and spread them around so that more people can grow them. Our agriculture in the USA is turning into fields of mono crops and we are going to lose all of these wonderful varieties if we do not plant them, eat them and save their seeds.

CSAs can be picked up at the farm, at Wake Forest University, City Beverage in Winston or the Jerry Long YMCA in Clemmons (Wednesday or Saturday). CSA memberships are available on a first come, first serve basis until all spots are filled.

For more information on our Orgaic CSA, visit

Heritage Livestock- We are at risk of losing our heritage breeds of livestock in this country as well as our plants. Big agriculture uses one breed of chickens for meat, one breed of turkeys, one breed of cattle-well , you get the picture We are members of the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy and we work with them to breed, raise and harvest heritage breeds of livestock. We raise heritage turkeys like Bourbon Reds, rare American Buff geese, nearly extinct Creme D'Argent rabbits and more. We find that the heritage breeds of livestock also fit our farming style better then the factory farm breeds. The old breeds were bred to forage, to live outside and to thrive without medicated feeds, antbiotics or other chemicals. And, we love their beauty and diversity.

Our farm is also an Animal Welfare Approved certified farm which is the gold standard for livestock care. Part of AWA standards is that breeds of livestock are kept that can thrive on as natural an environment as possible. This means pigs that are on pasture, eating grass and rooting around, chickens that scratch in the dirt, turkeys that can actually walk and fly and reproduce naturally.

Texas Longhorns- I am very excited about our little Texas Longhorn herd. I have been pouring over Longhorn pedigrees and bulls, trying to find just the right mix of genetics for what I want to do. These cattle will be completely grass-fed and finished-no grain, no hormones, no medicated feed and no junk. They are an historic breed that was meant to thrive on grass and weeds. Cattle are expensive, so our herd will grow slowly with purchased young heifers and home bred calves, but we'll get there!

Farmer's Markets- We will continue to be at the Clemmons YMCA on Wednesdays, 9am-1pm and at City Beverage in Winston on Saturdays from Noon-3pm, until the weather gets too cold to be outside. Then we will be in the lobby of the YMCA on Wednesdays and Saturday mornings and will take orders and deliver to City Beverage on Saturday afternoons.

September 23, 20011
We have a lot going on this fall so bear with the length of this newsletter while we try and get caught up!

Our Farm- We are a small farm located in Harmony, in Iredell county. We grow organic vegetables and a small amount of fruit and we raise livestock without chemicals, medicated feeds, antibiotics or hormones. Our farm is Animal Welfare Approved certified. We raise our produce using organic methods to enrich the soil and make strong plants based on compost, worm castings, rotational planting, sea minerals and kelp. We also make hand crafted goat milk soaps and lotions from the milk from our dairy goat herd.

Our CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture)- Community Supported Agriculture is a membership plan where a farm's customers purchase a share of the farms harvest up front and then receive that harvest over a set period of weeks as it comes in. The benefit to the customer is fresh, organic food delivered each week or month (in the case of meat) and first choice of the harvest. Customers have their own personal farmer growing for their families. The farmer benefits by receiving membership fees up front to help cover seed, livestock and supply costs. Also, the farmer can concentrate more on growing and less on marketing knowing that the harvest is already sold.

Almost all of our produce is sold through CSA shares or memberships. We have a vegetable and fruit CSA that runs from late spring through early fall and we are adding two more new CSA programs.

CSA shares are delivered to Clemmons and Winston-Salem only at this time.

CSA Programs:

1)New-Fall 2011 mini CSA- Want to see how a CSA works without committing to a 20 week membership? Our new Fall Mini CSA will run for 8 weeks-October-November. Cost will be $200 and you will receive 6-10 lbs of produce each week stating the first week of October and going through November. Pick ups Wednesday or Saturday in Clemmons or Tuesday or Saturday in Winston. Produce will include apples, broccoli, cauliflower, greens, lettuce, cabbage, winter squash, brussel sprouts and more. Please email for a membership form. This CSA will begin October 2011

2)Naturally Raised Meat CSA-The meat CSAs are delivered once a month for 4 months. You can start in any month and you can re-up for 4 more months at the end or take a break and start again whenever you would like. The Meat CSAs will offer monthly deliveries of chicken, pork, beef, rabbit, goose, duck and turkey (there are options of which ones you would like included). Member shares will be purchased in 10, 20 and 30 lb increments to be delivered each month. Please email for more information and pricing.

3) 2012 Organic Fruit & Vegetable CSA- This CSA runs from May/June-Sept/October (start date depends on weather and crop growth). Members can purchase a 10 week,half share for $250.00 or a 20 week, full share for $500.00. Members will receive a share of the harvest each week for either 10 or 20 weeks. Sign up starts now and continues until we are full (have sold all of the allotted shares). Please email for a sign up sheet or more information.

New Bath & Body Shop- Our goat milk soaps and lotions are now available online and can be shipped nationwide (and still picked up at the local markets too). To order, go to  

Texas Longhorns!- We are very excited to be adding Texas Longhorns to the farm for lean, grass-fed beef. We have struggled with obtaining beef from other farmers for our customers and have wanted to have our own herd for some time now. Longhorns are an old, historic grass breed that has not been ruined by commercial breeding. They are docile, hardy, great mothers and they finish on grass alone. They produce lean, flavorful beef that has been documented by the USDA to have a similar nutrient and calorie profile of chicken.

Local Markets- We are in Winston-Salem 2 times a week and Clemmons once a week

Tuesday-Cobblestone Market-10am-1pm, Winston-Salem

Wednesday-Jerry Long YMCA-9am-1pm, Clemmons

Saturday-City Beverage Organic Market-Noon-4pm, Winston-Salem

Email us if you would like to be notified of what farm products will be available each week at a particular market