Order Pork

Ordering Pork

Our Pastured Pork Boxes are available in 10 lb and 20 lb boxes.
A box consists of a mix of pork chops, ribs, roasts, sausage, bacon, hotdogs, boneless stew meat, ground pork, cured ham and smoked sausages.  Every item will not be included in the box every time.  A sample box is below.
We can drop boxes off in Winston-Salem, Greensboro, Lexington, High Point and surrounding areas.

10 Lb Box                                              
Chops-2 lb                                             
Ribs-1 lb                                                
Roast-3 lb                                              
Bacon-1 lb                                             
Breakfast Sausage-1 lb                           
Ground-1 lb                                           
Stew Meat-1 lb                                      
20 Lb Box
Chops-4 lbs
Ribs-2 lb
Roast-3 lb
Bacon-1 lb
Breakfast Sausage-2 lbs
Ground-2 lbs
Stew Meat-2 lbs
Hotdogs-2 lbs                                                            
Specialty Sausages-2 lb

 ***Right now we are having to estimate direct to door shipping, so please email us from our contact page with your address for a quote before ordering and selecting that option.

Pastured Pork Box 10 lb

Pastured Pork Box 20 Lbs

Whole or Half Pigs-Our best prices!

Whole Pig Processed into Cuts-$6.25 lb, 130 lbs of meat. Deposit-$350
Half Pig Processed into Cuts-$6.50 lb, 65 lbs of meat. Deposit-$175
Your pig will be custom processed, cut and wrapped in the cuts that your family uses the most.

Whole BBQ Pig 75-100 lbs-$3.75 lb hanging weight.  Deposit-$150
Whole BBQ Pig 101-200 lbs-$3.75 lb hanging weight. Deposit-$250
BBQ pigs are skin on and halved with the head on (whole pig) unless otherwise specified.

Ordering BBQ Pigs-It can take us 2-4 weeks and sometimes more to get an appointment at the processor, so let us know as soon as you have a date for your cook out.  Also, we do not have all sizes of pigs at all times and we are always selling stock, so the earlier you let us know that you need a pig, the more likely we are to be able to have the size that you need and hold back a pig for you.

Size Pig Needed-I calculate the number of guests X 1.5 and this is the  or hanging weiight size of pig that you need.  So for 50 guests you would need at least a 75 lb pig.  If you want a lot of leftovers or have mostly men eating, then up the size a little bit.

Whole & Half Hogs-Deposit Only

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