Where to Find Us

Winter 2014
On the Farm- the farm is open each Saturday from 10am-3pm.  We have eggs, pork, goat milk soap and lotion all through the year.  We also will have beef, chicken, duck, goose, goat and lamb at certain times of the year plus small amounts of organic produce.
By Appointment-I am usually back at the farm to start feeding around 4pm each evening.  Call or email if you would like to come another day during the week other then Saturday.
Stacy@yellowwolffarm.com   or (336)709-6541
Cobblestone Winter Pop Up Markets-we will usually have one Market a month during the off season.  Watch our Facebook page or get on our email list to find out when the pop Markets will be happening.
Old Salem Cobblestone Market-we will be attending the Saturday Market once again this year. Opening date is May 3, 2014.  We will not be attending the week day market.

Restaurants-We sell to several area restaurants and will be adding more to the list this year.  They do not all carry products from our farm every week, so ask if they have Yellow Wolf Farm products on the menu that week.  There are now confinement pork and chicken farms in NC using words like "Heritage", "all natural" and "local NC", so ask your server about the meat that is on the menu if you do not recognize the farm name (or email me and I can usually tell you about the farm in question).
Spring House
The Porch- coming soon